Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Ways to Market

There’s a lot of talk about inbound and outbound marketing, but not necessarily so much talk about how to finance that marketing. While newspapers like the Seattle Post-Intelligencer close their print shops in favor of web only reporting, venues for marketing seem to be diminishing. Traditional venues are also very expensive for large scale campaigns. (I talked in an earlier blog about creating large scale media from single billboards. )

On the other hand there are the “inbound” marketing venues. While these are typically cheaper, they also require time and the goodwill of internet surfers. Inbound marketing can be somewhat passive, when it comes to branching into brand new markets, especially where only a fraction of the target market is interested in venues such as Twitter.

Technology and the internet has however, opened new versions of traditional marketing venues, while dramatically lowering the price. One such example is internet radio. Nowadays, a little research can net you a permanent radio station for very low cost and very high quality and extensive reach. Furthermore, spin-off advertizing can actually offset the cost. In fact, if you plan well, your radio station will net you a large profit and not cost you a dime!

Now that’s a venue worth pursuing!

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