Thursday, January 1, 2009

Is Chrysler learning nothing?

After writing about the intelligence of Ford’s recent PR, it’s only fair to turn attention to Chrysler after their recent $1 Million “Thank You Ad”. What are they doing?

Firstly, is there anyone in the US who thinks this is a good use of $1M in the current climate? Whoever advised Chrysler to take this course of action is probably the same person who said it’s no PR problem to fly to DC in a private jet. The $1M they blew in a single day would have provided several jobs for a year. Why not give that money to someone who’ll make more with it like a successful small business owner? Chrysler obviously cannot be trusted.

Secondly, who is doing their market research? What media format did Chrysler choose for their blitz? Print - or so it seems - was the main thrust. I would be surprised to learn that as many as even 50% of the country were even aware of the ad. Furthermore I would think it would be less than 33% of those under 40 years old. Who is Chrysler trying to thank?

Thirdly, what is the purpose? If they want to help people buy Chrysler why not distribute that $1M in incentives to buy? There’s all kinds of ways they could have done this to make very powerful and effective PR in doing this. The result of this would have definitely achieved national media play as a bonus.

What can we say? I hope something changes at Chrysler before they get any more money.

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