Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Whopper Virgins - genius or madness?

Is Burger King on the right track? Does it promote or hinder the global village? Does it prove Burger King's burgers are better than...?

Firstly, I think we should congratulate Burger King’s marketers for coming up with an original idea that emphasizes the growing connectedness people are feeling across the world. Secondly, the Whopper Virgins have definitely created more of a stir than normal – something that in its own right proves some sort of success.

However, will the campaign increase sales? While I’m still in suspense as to the response, I suspect it will show Burger King’s burgers in a good light! How many people are as cynical as me? Years ago my brother was stopped on the street to try the “Pepsi Taste Test”. He immediately told them his preference for Coke, which made him the “ideal candidate”.
However, when he flawlessly showed which was Coke (he liked that one) and which was Pepsi (he didn’t), his statistic did not see the light of day. Decades later Pepsi is still number two to Coke.

Lastly, how does Burger King’s ad work in minority communities in the US? Do Chinese viewers like the “ignorant backwoodsy” Chinese people portrayed in the ad? And what about the ads around the world? Do viewers in Singapore see rednecks from Arkansas trying a Rendang Burger? Hmm….

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