Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Countries to watch?

Jennifer Alsever wrote a thought provoking article on BNET.com suggesting the best countries for small, medium and large companies to look at when it comes to expansion. She agrees that it makes a lot of sense for US companies to look at international expansion, given the state of the US economy right now. I believe it will not only help companies survive the current crisis, but will position them well ahead of the competition when things pick up.

Here is her list of countries:

For large companies she suggests the more obvious choices - India, China and Russia (For me Russia poses some weightier and less obvious challenges than the others but there are obvious benefits to all three).

For medium-size companies she suggests Chile, Singapore and UAE. (I find this an ecclectic and interesting set of choices).

For small companies she suggests Vietnam, Rwanda, Peru and Kazakhstan. (I find this the most interesting set of choices).

I found this article well-written and researched, with a helpful risk index. The entire article is available at http://www.bnet.com/2436-13239_23-198453.html. What do you think?

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