Friday, October 24, 2008

Is Satellite important in the Majority World?

While many may feel the Majority World is not a real market for their products and services, mobile phone and electronics companies who are ahead of the game, have long realized its potential. I remember a friend of mine who visited rural Uzbekistan. He told me that possession of a mobile phone was more important than proper flooring or an inside bathroom to the locals there.

The mobile phone connects people across distances that are hard to travel with little infrastructure. Satellites offer the capability of connecting workforces and markets at comparitively little cost. The same is true of several other methods of communication.

The question now is how to best use technological advance to promote true market growth? We need to assess:
1) What technology is available at present in a country or market?
2) What technology could be available in the near future at affordable rates?
3) How this technology is applied in communication in our target market(s)?
4) How it could be applied in communication in our target market(s)?

The exciting thing about this kind of entrepreneurial marketing is that the future is limitless.

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